Best Free Plugins To Improve WordPress Comment System

Typically in blogging, content is the most important one, but the comments only make the content more valuable. Comments are one of the most promising methods to interact with the blog visitors and even known as the backbone of the WordPress website. You know every site owner will feel very satisfied when they get comments by the readers on their blog as it increases the site traffic and audience reach.

If you are just starting out, you may feel that default WordPress comment functions are excellent, but the truth is they do not have much impact on comment management. Only with the help of comment plugin you can handle a large number of multi-threaded comments efficiently.

Today, in this blog post, we have listed the 20+ best free comment management plugins with advanced features that will take the user engagement of your site to the next higher level.

Most Popular WordPress Comment Plugins – Free

Disqus Comment System     

Disqus is one of the best and free commenting systems used thousands by thousands of CMS and site platform including WordPress. Integrating the Disqus plugin with the website is clearly simple, and moreover, the management is also easy.

Leaving comments or responding to a comment on a Disqus-powered website is bliss due to its real-time functionality. On the top of that, the Disqus app is currently available for both iPhone and Android users.

Why it is best???

  • Auto backup of comments with Disqus and WordPress database
  • Interface swaps according to the device from mobile to desktop
  • Rich media support comment to maintain live discussions
  • Allows notifications and reply to comments by email
  • Powerful tool with full threat filtering and anti spam techniques
  • SEO friendly: valid comments indexable by search engines

WPDiscuz Comments            

WPdiscuz is the mature comment management plugin and even the most used one among the bloggers and the site owners. It is suggested to use this plugin on the blogs which are not too large.

It has a simple, and clean user interface with added advantages like comments list sorting, social login plugins integration and many. One of the coolest features of the WPDiscuz is the ability to collapse the comment with last longer thread in response.

Why it is best???

  • Responsive and interactive comment box and comments thread design
  • Includes notified button for live update of the new comments and replies
  • Ajax button “Load More Option” instead of simple comments pagination
  • Security and anti spam features to prevent spammers from commenting
  • Fully integrated Ajax validation and data submitting functionalities
  • Smart voting system with tracking by logged in users and cookies

Yoast Comment Hacks           

One of the robust and powerful plugin from the Yoast team is “Yoast Comment Hacks”. The Yoast comment hacks plugin presents you plenty of options for customizing how the comment will look and work on your website.

It also comes with simple hacks of core WordPress to make the easier comment management system. The features that found highly inspiring by bloggers in this plugin is its advanced admin panel, and warm appreciate option.

Why it is best???

  • Integrated with comment routing and advanced post discussion settings
  • Redirect option to thank you page for the first time commenter
  • Comment notification email to individual commenter with links in admin section
  • Avail options to disallow comments below a certain length
  • Added simple hacks to make comment management easier


Postmatic is by the far best comment plugin introduced by the wordPress. This plugin streamlines the discussion via the most popular form of communication called email.

By installing Postmatic in your WordPress, you can expect a gradual increase in blog conversations and visitors engagement. More over this plugin is fully responsive, well documented and contains the significant amount of impressive features and integrations.

Why it is best???

  • Ability to build the subscriber list with 35+ functions like popup, slider and so on
  • Single click migration tools for third party membership subscription plugins
  • 100% enhanced email commenting to WordPress without any specific limits
  • Allow users to subscribe by the email while they leave a comment

WP Advanced Comment      

If you want an Ajax based powerful comment management system with drag and drop functionalities, This WP advanced comment plugin is the best match to your expectation.

This plugin may look straightforward and vibrant but it facilities to publish the comment form based on the programming validation. Indeed this great customizable plugin will provide you much exposure to the commenting systems.

Why it is best???

  • Drag and drop option for easy creation and management of comment forms
  • Advanced search comment and email notifications for all published comments
  • Allows display of user role and inappropriate comment report to admin
  • Recent comment widget comes with 3 different style and many custom features
  • Availability of multiple custom fields, comment forms and jquery validation
  • Options to show custom field and notification to admin only or user only

Comments Evolved for WordPress 

While deploying a number of plugin for your website, you need some additional resources to boost your website productivity as well and make it more engaging for customers. And that is Comment Evolved for WordPress plugin.

The plugin is formerly created to make the comment section tabbed seamlessly for social media network comments. It is very simple and easy to use.

WP Ajax Edit comments       

This is an Ajax based commenting plugins just like WP advanced Comment; perhaps the WP Ajax edit comments plugin brings more real time commenting experience for the users.

With this plugin, you can have high control on your comment that arrives your website even it has control for visitors at the front end. It also shares many moderating options like comment editing, moving, approve, delete, undo functionality and so many managing options.

Facebook Comments by Vivacity     

Not every plugin accepts social media integration in the comments section but many people like to share social media comments also in their site. For such people, the next gen commenting system, Facebook comment plugins is found.

The Facebook comment by vivacity is a simple comment plugin which can enable FB users comment to your blog along with tremendous control accessibility.


KomentBox plugin is the feature rich comment plugin that gives friendly user experience to the visitors. This plug and play plugin from NLP captcha gives amazing user engagement, referral traffic with option to increase revenue for the website at instant. It includes many unique features like analytics, real time mapping and many interactive widgets.

Graph Comment       

WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

Spot.Im Comments 

Comment-plugins – Widget-pack

No Page Comment  

Epoch Comments     

Loud Voice Comment            

Disable Comments 

Vicomi Comment System      

Burnzone Commenting         

Heateor Social Comments    

Solid Opinion             

Lazy Load For Comments     

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