10 Shopify Themes You can Download for Free

Looking for an elegant theme or layout to entice your potential consumers into your web shop? Today many people are trying to start their own business on online, most of them are seeking for the online shopping. To start eCommerce shopping portal, you have to choose the perfect themes for your business growth.  For those searchers, there is no further than a brilliant Shopify ecommerce themes!


Shopify is the safest place to build an online store without any hassle and often easy to customize with a unique theme. In a short while the company hits its success, where you can find the perfectly matched themes for your web store. They are offer both free and paid version themes for you, so it’s your choice to pick the desired one depending on your budget and needs.

Well, now we are going to see brilliant 10 collection of the best Shopify themes for free!!!

Solo – Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Investors

This type of theme is very simple and modern and easy to use, where you can really enjoy more. Moreover this particular one is good for starter with limited customization in a neat and elegant way. It is designed for store look, which has been featured with an ability to showcase an item in front and center.



Download this theme for your business that will gives a fabulous for your products. Here you can rearrange the homepage according to your manner and do whatever you need, everything in your own style.

Brooklyn – Tailor Made Theme

Brooklyn theme is a free one designed to geared towards apparel or clothing stores. If you like to sell clothes via online, then you may prefer this one. This is quite convincing with full screen background image at the top of the page, which will be more flexible to display your products.



The theme has a mobile-first responsive design with unique typography and a dynamic product grid view. It is the modern theme for your shopping business with its great features including edge-to-edge homepage, product page with at-a-glance accessibility an much more.

Pop Toy- Create Your Kid’s Friendly Shop

Pop theme has 2 free themes, one is pop Bone and another one is Pop Toy. Here we are going to see about Pop Toy theme, which is specifically designed for kid friendly store. Here you can display the products, toys and many things needed for kids.



You can like this theme because it holds a soft colors and come up with a nice features settings. This theme is offering at the free of cost for smaller-scale operations.

Minimal – Vintage is an Excellent Choice

Present your online store more elegant with this minimal vintage responsive theme. By using this theme your portal will be visible and adapt to any dimension for devices like PC, mobile and more. The look of the theme is like its cousin of the minimal fashion theme.



It has clear background without any features image or video and has a great features image slider on the home page. Completely flexible, where you may add or customize the content with extra layout options, navigation styles, collection vies, views of products and even more.

New Standard – Sepia

This type of Sepia New standard theme is ideal for selling any kind of products with a clean and minimalist designs. It is neutral color neither stands out nor blends in.



Boudless – Vibrant



Kickstand – eBook

This theme is specifically tailored for selling eBooks. Therefore if you have an idea to sell eBooks, you can prefer this one, which is focusing on the sales copy and permitting you to add lot of accompanying text that any book you would like on the front page. Not only for single book, it’s to sell number of ebooks via your eCommerce store.



Classic – Dark



Supply – Soft Green



Lookbook – Entirely Full-Screen Imaginery



Final Words

thank-youMake sure before choosing the theme for your store, which is extremely an important one. So please check the demos of the free themes list above and pick the one that is best for your and business too. Take action and start your online shopping store today!

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