66 Responsive Design for Html5 Css3 Login Form Templates

Now a day’s login forms are frequently found on each and every website and we can often see them in sites like social networks, WordPress, forums, and other commercial websites. The login form is the mandatory one for the user to avail some access to sites and for that, you have to register with those sites by providing some valid info. A website without a login form is unimaginable and for most of the sites, the first section that clicks on your eyes will be login. As concordant to belief, the first impression is the best impression and so, your login form should be in a way that allures the users.

A login form is extremely important for websites like shopping and user interactive sites to keep visitors engaged. It provides confidentiality and security for the essential information and other than that, it also increases the conversation between the developers and users.

Most probably a login form includes a username, password and a submit button, but a creative and effective designed form will surely grab more visitors to your website. We know designing and adding an effect to a page is not an easy task it needs much time and effort then how’s that possible?  In order to help you, in this article, we have showcased some elegant and best-qualified login templates. You may Google and find a vast collection of templates, but picking up the best one is tiresome. And also responsive login forms templates are mostly preferred in recent days and so, we have rendered these handpicked collections especially for you to save your precious time, Hope you like it!

These templates will perfectly match with all types of websites and they also look great on all devices such as tablets and mobiles. To utilize these templates just download them and do some modification by pasting it on your source code. So why wait? Just scroll down and find out an ideal template, then simply download and start attracting the visitors.

35 Best – HTML5 & Css3 Login Form Designs

Html5 and CSS3 login templates are used widely because of their support in all browsers and these templates come fully responsive and design-ready features that satisfy your need. All of these templates are open source and also completely free to download.

Login Form with Blurred Video Background

Build an innovative login form with these templates and this one is responsive and completely free. It is a template with moving animated background and sure this type of form makes everyone mesmerize.

Digital Login form template

It is a digital-type responsive login widget and is designed completely with HTML and CSS. The flat colored background with an attractive theme best suits your online business.

Interactive Tab HTML Login Form

Klasikal Login Form Widget

Employee Login form

Try this elegant login form in your website and make an distinct look from others. This clearly designed template will be perfectly display in all type of devices.

Lucid Login Form Widget

User Icon Login form

A neat and smooth login form with a user icon and high focusing features.

Login form with Creepy Background

Entrar Shadow Login Form

Responsive Ribbon Login Form

A modern and visually appealing login form template with a ribbon-like design. In addition, this form comes with remember me add-on.

Static Login Form

Login Widget With Stylish Look

Login Form- Ideal Theme

Login Form To Ever dwell

This is an example of a static login form and this form is simple to use and also has social buttons for easy login purposes.

Golden Login form

Responsive Welcome Login form

This login page template has a smooth and stylish background to provide a fashionable and feminine look to your website.

Rounded Flat User Login

Affiliate Flat Login Form

Web App Login Widget

This login template is exclusively for a web app, it has an on/off switch for remembering me the option. This template will render completely a different look to your website.

Responsive Portal Login Form

Animated HTML Login Template

Cosmo Login Form

A handy sign-in form laid with enhancing icons and stunning plain background.

Simple & Flat Login Form

Glossy Login Page template

Sign Up for with Social Icons

A pure HTML and CSS login template with premium hover icons. This template is completely free to download and it also has register link and social icons for multipurpose.

Pure HTML & CSS Login Template

Login Template In Flashy Blue

Acced Flat Style Login Form

Enticing Sign In Form

Login Form With Shake Effect

This is a responsive login template comes with shake effect to validate the password and username.

Control Panel Sign In Form

Postal Login Template

Login Template for Webapp

Smooth Responsive login form

An inspired simple login form from codepen, this form will well adjust with all type of websites and other than that it is easy to use.

Flat & Sleek Login Template

Bootstrap Login Form Template

For a booming and flexible option use, these bootstrap login form templates and you know all these comes with clean and efficient code so, it is quite simple and results in your faster signup process. These frame worked forms are also responsive.

Code Snippet Login form

Sign In Form with Cloud Background

This is an animated bootstrap login page template. This login form contains an animated cloud in the background to provide a pleasing look.

Eye-catchy Login Template

Log in With Facebook Connect

Bootstrap Modal Sign In Form

This template looks great on all devices due to its responsive design. Click demo and on the available page select login to view this login form.

Responsive Form with Social Button

Login Form with Progressive Button

Calendar login form

This is a calendar type login form and this can be used in a web app for any calendar login and if you want you can change the calendar image and use for other purposes.

Customized Login Form

Easy Log in Form

Foundation Framework Login Forms

Foundation based login form templates are the more popular among the front end developers. The login templates provided under this section best suit for beginners and it is completely free to use. You know foundation framework is basically created for mobile based approach and so the following templates are compatible with all devices.

Sign Up form with Tabs

Here in this form, you can find two tabs like sign up and log in. This handy form is simple and will be very effective for your website.

Ledger Login Form

Looking for a neat login form than this one best suits you and this form comes with remember me feature as addition and so this is perfect as an admin template.

Simple Foundation Login Form

Are you in need of a simple login form? Then download this login form. This form template is flexible and can be easily understand by all type of users and it quickly adapts in your source code.

Material Design Template for making Login Forms

A material-based template is just like bootstrap and it offers elegant looks with innovative and eye-catchy designs. By using these sign-up templates you can move your site to a higher level. For a fast and high interactive login form use these templates.

Pink Elegant Login Form

Wow! This login form looks amazing, right? This material-designed login form will definitely impress you and it has the topmost place on our list. This page has a pen-like icon on the top and by clicking it you can avail register page and also it is built up with a validation code.

Sign Up Template with User Image

An amazing login form full of innovation, in this template to get a login form you have to click an image and after that, a login form will appear with the user name and password.

Neat & Classy Sigh Up Form

For a secured validation and innovative error, display download this login form.

Smooth and Flexible Login Template

This is actually a login form with high attracting effects and features. This form uses HTML5 and hence validation and submission are also easy.

Flat Responsive Login Template

This is a material design-based login form and it has a simple animation on the text box and by clicking on the demo button you can find it.

Demo         Download

Login form Using Animation

A creative and elegant login form based on the material design, By clicking start working on the login form you can see a surprising animation effect for validation.

Simple Material Login Form

This is a simple login form with text fields for email address and password. This template is very much easy to use and plus this template has a register and password recovery feature.

To access the login forms in this section you have to donate some amount to providers. To buy these templates, click the demo button provided below each designs. On the landing page make a valid payment and after that you will get a download link.

Tab Login & Signup Form

Here, the below login form is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 only. The tab design is clean and comes with 3 different color variations. It will be very easy to implement and it will give a professional look on any kind of website.

Zi-4 Tabbed Login form

A neat and clean CSS3 login template with 4 forms tab interface. This all-in-one template has a login, register, password recovery, and contact forms for easy usage.

Bootstrap Multi Login Form

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