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About Material Design

Material Design is a sublime design language solution from Google, which has been disputed to develop a visual language for the users. It combines the common doctrines of fabulous designs with considerable innovation and possibility of technology and science.

Whatever speaking about material designs, there are lots of good designs are available than icon and font pack. But when coming to a small element of web or mobile app, Icons are the most important thing in Material Design

What are Material Design Icons?

Google already coined many principles for material design. Thousands of Material Design Icons are used for developing your application or websites projects smoothly in an innovative way. They have been offering the icons pack in both line and solid style, choose the right icon that will perfectly fit your needs.

Material Design Icons has been allowing the developers and designers to download icons in various formats, sizes, colors and more as they required for their projects.


  • It should guide by print-based design elements like grids, typography, scale, space, color and imagery
  • The models adopt tools from the field of print design such as baseline grids and structural templates by screen sizes, spacing repeating visual elements and more
  • The layouts scale to fit any screen size that will reduce the tasks of creating scalable apps

Nowadays, Google is starting to utilizing Material on few of its web properties, which grants them to be visually consistent from The Web to Android. The consistency of the Web material is quite nice, and it will be interesting to watch how many designers adapt materials for their applications and websites. Where it has adds a lot of delightful and meaningful details like animation and visual expressions of services, products and tools.

You can personalize your Android phones from changing the wallpaper to adding fonts and installing custom launchers.

But the thing is, most of you don't know that you can customize the app icons?
You may do this via installing an icon pack, where you can find extraordinary collections of best icon packs for Android.

What is Icon Pack?

An Icon Pack is nothing but an application, which will replace all of your icons with customized once. You can find it in the Google Play Store, where the installation process is easy and quick. Icon and font packs are always favorite, luckily thousands of good icon packs come up for every few months on Google play store.

Therefore, we have focused on the best collection of icon packs, where all com in a variety of setting and it can well-suited for all mobile apps and web projects.
We have stumbled upon many gorgeous icon packs, so scroll down to know the best new icon packs for you.

Best 10 Material Design Icons & Font Pack for Website & Android
Google Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons are the open sourced by Google, which are seductively crafted and will be easy to use on Android, web and iOS projects. There are around 750 UI icons are commonly used for media playback, connectivity, content editing, communication and so on. SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px flavours

  • SVG and CSS sprites of all icons
  • 1x, 2x icons targeted at the Web (PNG)
  • 1x, 2x, 3x icons targeted at iOS (PNG)
  • Hi-dpi versions of all icons (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi) (PNG)

Material Design Icons Webfont

Material Design Icons Webfont created by Austin Andrews, which is one of the most popular icon packs. It is an ideal one for the web, where you can download it as SVG or XAML for Windows and PNG icons files for Android. Google’s official icons set also included.

The orange highlighted are community created icons which can be useful for modern websites and mobile apps. They support SVG, CSS web font, Android, etc. Even you can also use this Bootstrap framework also if you like the icons set.

Icons8 for Android

Android L Icon Pack designed by Icons8, which has over 2700 flat icons for Android 5 Lollipop and 1100 free icons in any color and size. It might be a unique for the developers who wish to create a colorful applications or websites. You can choose your desired color that will generate recolored versions of your PNG or SVG.

Material Up Icons

MaterialUp creates the best of Material Designs daily, which will be the most recommended choice for your android phones. Where you can find icons for action, alert, AV, communication, content, device, editor, file, hardware, image, maps, navigation, notification, place, social and toggle. It will be an excellent spot to grab a daily dose of inspiration.

FlatIcon Material Design

If you need any pure inspiration for your applications or sites, then make sure to download Flat Icon Material Design and use it on your apps as quick as you can.

Nova 4000 Material Design Icons

Nova is the only material design icon packs contributing each icon in both line and solid style. So, therefore, totally 8000 icons are available, where they have been offering about 350 icons free version for designing your applications and web portals.

If you prefer to use all the 4000 icons then, you have to pay $127 and buy full packs. It also follows the Google’s guidelines for clarity and readability even at tiny sizes.

Webhostface Free Icon Set

The Free Icon Set created by WebHostFace, which includes a color-injected material icon for weather condition, location, and media. Here, the icons are available in PNG format in 3 different sizes including, 64×64 pixel, 128×128 pixel, and 256×256 pixel. The collections are very useful for Android, web or iOS.

Angular Material Icons

If you wish to use the icon with custom size and fill color, then Angular JS Material Icons will be the right choice. Changes to the icon would go via delightful morphing if SVG-Morpheus included in your application.

Iconshock Material Design

CreativeMarket Material Design Icon


Just go through the list and pick the desired one for your apps or websites. Within few minutes you will transform your dull user interface into something exciting and stunning. We love those Material design icons and you too!

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