Best CSS Front End Material Design Frameworks

If you take a closer look on the web designing, you can see that it is always changing and evolving day by day. And now the latest development is called Material design, the Material design is a brand new framework developed by Google, with the basic idea to create a unified style for all of the company’s web and mobile apps.

What is CSS Framework? A CSS framework is a collection of CSS files containing predefined rules for layout, typography and other CSS resets. It is highly focused on the responsive web design aspects that can increases browser capability. Without building the CSS from scratch you can use the existing material design framework and its components for your web page or web apps.

Here I have posted some of the Google approved material design Freon end frameworks for developers. Take a look at them and speed up your design workflow with the one you like.

#1 Materialize CSS

Materialize CSS is a complete package of web frameworks that are needed to build large scale responsive websites and HTML5 hybrid mobile apps. This framework is built using SASS and hence one can download this file including selective CSS and components as per the project needs.


MUI is also a free to use and open source framework which is built with pure JavaScript components under the MIT license. By making changes in the source Sass files anyone can customize the material design colours, breakpoints and font settings etc. It contains two separate themes for dark and light variants featuring pixel perfect CSS styles and animations.

#3 Material UI

Are you looking for a cleanly built professional grade material design framework? Then Material UI is the right choice. It actively incorporates all the changes and new improvements every time the Google announces. Everything in this front end framework is build with responsiveness so that the developers get start with them easily.

#4 Lumx

Lumx is a similar to above mentioned AngularJS framework built by the Google cloud platform with Sass, Bourbon, Neat, jQuery and AngularJS. It is a fully responsive framework that uses core jQuery elements to ensure better performance and UI.

#5 AngularJS Material

AngularJS Material is one the hugely popular open source framework which is created and maintained itself by Google. This complete framework is available as open source components that can be customized easily  using the themeing layer of the framework.

#6 Polymer

Polymer is a CSS framework which uses W3C technology that bundle up HTML, CSS and all the behavioural elements in a fully encapsulated package so that we can reuse across the web whenever it is needed. It allows developers to build super-fast and at the same time great looking web & mobile interfaces, implementing the Material Design specification.

#7 Phonon

The Photon framework is dedicated for the development of hybrid mobile apps. Since it’s only around 60kb and does not depend on any third party libraries, it can be used to create Cordova and PhoneGap applications that are very lightweight. The look and feel of Photon’s UI components follow closely Material Design’s concepts.

#8 Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite is an official Google framework designed for developing advanced hybrid applications in HTML5, it is open source and free to use under MIT license. All the components comes under this framework are up to date along with latest standards on the visual language.

#9 Framework7

Like Phonon, Framework7 is also created with hybrid mobile apps in mind. It allows developers to quickly build web apps that imitate the appearance and behavior of native iOS and Android. To make that possible there are two distinct themes – one for Apple devices, and the other one offering Material Design components and styles.

#10 Material Framework

It is simple and responsive CSS only framework that is absolutely fit for small level projects who are least interested in playing with JavaScript. To use this design framework in your project you have to include the material.css or the minified version.


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