25+ Most Useful PHP Code Snippets For Web Developers

Every programmer who is developing a website or applications well knows the importance of time. Especially the PHP developers who spend hours and hours in coding their site face running out of time.

If you are a serious web developer who doesn’t want to face this circumstance, you need to have a life saver; that means a set of code snippets which can perform a particular task within larger coding projects. With the support of Code Snippets, you can easily speed up your site development process.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the widely used open source scripting language preferred by most of the web designers around the world. This web style is highly in demand as it is the powerful tool for creating the dynamic and interactive, user-friendly website. The best thing about PHP is that it looks incredibly simple and can be embedded into HTML.

So, are you interested in finding out some of the worthy prebuilt PHP functions? Cool! You are at the right place; because in this post I have assorted more than 25 best and handy PHP code snippets and functions that should be kept readily by every web developers. Let’s start with!

Must Have PHP Code Snippets For Developers

#1 – Human Readable Random Scripts

If you want to generate any human-readable random string, then you should look at this function. It will create random scripts that can be usedd for creating Captchas, User ID or Password.

#2 – Email Address Validation

In most of the web form, Email validation is frequently used validation process. By using the following simple code you can check whether an Email address is valid or not. For robust email validation this system helps you check the MX records for the domain in the given Email address

#3 – Get Real IP Address of Client

Even the user is behind the proxy server, using this function you can easily fetch the actual IP address of the user. It will help you in creating a trustable bond between you and your client.

#4 – Listing Directory Contents

#5 Destroy Directory With Contents

Here is a built in function that can automatically convert the URL text format within a string to a active hyperlinks without the need of adding HTTP in the front end.

#7 – Block Multiple IP Addresses

Sometimes as a web owner you may like to restrict your website to a certain users or certain location depend on the IP address. This code snippet will help you in blocking such type of users from accessing your site.

#8 – Parse XML Data

#9 – Get Source Code of Any Webpage

Want to get the source code of any webpage within line numbering; the function below will be able to do it. By providing the needed URL you can easily have its source code.

#10 – Forceful File Download

For some scenario, you may want the visitor to download the file instead of opening in new tab. At that time, you can use this simple code snippet for an auto download whenever the user clicks.

#11 – Parsing JSON Data

#12 – Sending a Text Message

Sending text message to cell phone via website is not a simple process for that, you will need powerful API called Text magic. With the help of the below PHP snippet you can send text message to your clients or anyone you want quickly.

Note: The Text Magic API is a paid service

#13 – Email Sending Using Mail()

#14 – Database Connections in PHP

In a Website, Database is the mandatory object to store the data, and in PHP we will create MYSQL database for data storage. The example below is used for establishing the strong connection to the database. First of all, you have to create a database and then by providing that database details you can connect the database with your website in a matter of seconds.

#15 – Creating a Zip File

Following is easy to use PHP code which can be utilized for creating a compressed file, that means a zip file instantly.

#16 – Unzipping a File

This function is just opposite to the one i mentioned above, it actually unzip the compressed file in to a normal one.

#17 – Display Number of Facebook Likes

Do you want to show a number of people likes your Facebook page on your blog? This handy function can help you in that.

Along with function, the syntax is also provided below to ease your work.

#18 – Display Numbers Of ReTweets

Just like getting the number of facebook likes, you can also get the number of retweets arrived in your twitter account with this support of this simple code.

#19 – Generate QR Code

With this script you can generate free QR codes on your website by just entering the contact information like email id, URL, Telephone number etc. This innovative function let user to scan the generated code easily.

#20 – Search and Highlights Keywords In a String

#21 – To Write a File

#22 – Convert Text to Image

#23 – Pdf to Image Convertor

Whether you want to offer your users the ability to download the YouTube videos? Certainly you can and for that you should make use of the given function.

#25 – URL Shortener Using TinyURL

It squeezes the long original URL in to tiny one, so that you can share the URL in the social media sites with out any restriction of size.

#26 – Check Valid URL

I have gathered atmost all the rich code snippets that are frequently used by the web experts in their PHP projects. If you are expecting some more from us, feel free to reach us via comment!

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