20 CSS Carousels

On the web, you can find plenty of Carousel and Slider plugins for free. But today, we can replicate most of the features with CSS itself. All the CSS based Carousal codes have its own style, So, there is no best than other, but we have gathered the top and open-source carousels from codepen. You … Read more

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25+ CSS Toggle Switch Designs for Website

Here is the CSS only toggle switch designs, where you can use it for on or off stage option to switch between two options. The developers like you have been using pure CSS code to develop some toggle switches, adding a neat user experience to checkbox functionality. CSS3 Toggle Switches Author: Ashley Watson-Nolan Developed with … Read more

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Fantastic Top 12 CSS Water Effects

Here, we have been gathering and posting the most top CSS water effects example with source code for free from the codepen platform. Water Effect with CSS – by Chadres Kumar Singh Author: Chandresh Kumar Singh Developed with HTML & CSS Water Fill Loader – by Dronca Raul Author: Dronca Raul Developed with HTML & … Read more

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30 HTML & CSS Timelines for your Website

Hi guys, today in this post we are going to provide you with a few assortment collections of CSS Timeline codes. A timeline is not but to style your own website, where you can showcase your history or experiences in a timeline manner on your portfolios. Well, let’s enter into the topic called “Timeline Code … Read more

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VPSDime Review – Affordable VPS Plans

With great server and support, VPSDime will be one of the best for webmasters at a budget price. VPSDime is the right host for you. If you are searching for a self-managed VPS with high RAM and storage, then VPSDime will offer for you on your budget. VPSDime is one of the leading and cheapest … Read more

Elegant Themes Divi Discount Coupon – 2021

Everyone wants to have an original and high-quality theme for their business. For that bunch of many clubs and themes shop are there with themes that are rated around hundreds of dollars. But still, many businesses online are small-sized, and so most of the users prefer only inexpensive themes. From Elegant Themes, you can avail … Read more

Best & Cheap VPS Server Hosting 2021

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a complete Virtualized Server Hosting where the environment mimics a dedicated server with its shared hosting platform. In other words by technically it can be said that Both Shared and Dedicated Hosting going to combine with this type of hosting. Along with the effective server management you can see VPS hosting … Read more

12 New CSS Gooey Menu of 2021

As a web designer, you may need to make multiple menus on the same page. Today we are going to show a set of gooey menu examples for creating a variety of different effects for all kinds of website components. You can try it out, which will work really well and great too. Gooey Menu … Read more

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CSS Parallax Effect Designs

Here is the collection of top gathered Parallax Effect examples designed using only CSS for your website. CSS-only Parallax Effect There is no JavaScript code and it was created using just plain CSS. It is an example by Yago Estevez. Author: Yago Estévez Developed with HTML & CSS Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect A … Read more

11+ Styling CSS Submit Button Designs

This is a kind of post, which will be more helpful for the web designers who all wish to generate pure CSS submit button design. The below submit button code example codes are well organized and easy to understand too. Simply you can style your submit button as you need by changing the basic colors, … Read more

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