Free CSS3 & jQuery Loading Animations

Animated Progress Bar

Animated Progress bar template is simple and easy to use as it compiled cleanly with CSS and jQuery elements. This one acts as the intro page loading option for your website and it will disappear after the web load event.

Author: Editorial
Developed Html, CSS & jQuery

CSS Loading Animation

Developed  Html, CSS & jQuery

Honey Comb Style Loader

This preloader plugin is simple and gives a concept of slick loading process for your site. This unique style loading element offers honey comb design and it best suits for the web application rather than a normal website.

Author: Doug Harper
Developed  Html, CSS

Smooth Pulse Loader

A smooth and clean loader for your website designed purely with HTML, CSS transitions and jquery.  This one gives a pulse like an effect for your loading and it varies in color at each level. It is easy to customize and so you can give your own inputs to this element to get them based on your preference.

Author: Raphael
Developed  Html, CSS

Delightful Page loader

Initially the logo of your site will load up along with a circular preloading effect. When the loader finishes its progress animation, the element will slide up and the page’s assets will get loaded. Changing the color effect of the page and the sliding logo is much easier. For the logo and the circular progress element, inline SVG has been used and they are styled with CSS and little JavaScript elements.

Author: Mary Lou
Developed  Html, CSS

Rainbow Loading Effect

Author: Yansao
Developed  Html, CSS

CSS Text Filling With Water

It is an amazing loading icon that comes with a text loading which is filled up and down with water animation. The text and the water fill can be customized easily as per the user’s desire. I am sure that this cool loading animation will definitely attract lots of visitors.

Author: Lucas Bebber
Developed  Html, CSS

Modern Animated Pre-loaders

Here is a unique collection of loading elements with the modern elements called pseudo elements. There are 6 types of animation compiled in this they are an audio wave, a circular square that changes color by shifting and rotating, crossing shapes, a snake form, spinning disc and glistening window.

Author: Envato Tuts+
Developed  Html, CSS

Infinite Plug Wire Pre-Loader

Follows a motion path with the use of animate Motion. Offsetting the plug was done by duplicating the motion path, shifting the path data. This template is purely made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Author: Jason Miller
Developed  Html, CSS

Pure SVG Loader

Author: Nikhil Krishnan
Developed  Html, CSS
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