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It is necessary for a web designer to know more about the best free responsive jQuery image slider plugins for the successful creation of a website with slider effects. This jQuery slideshow and content slider has become the most popular one for images gallery and CSS slider.

You might have seen it in hundreds and hundreds of blogs and websites. Do you think, attracting the visitors is very important? If so, it is really necessary for a design blog for displaying the featured contents which make the blog very attractive

Just think, you are a web designer and you are in need of a responsive jQuery slider which should fit into a screen of any resolution. This article will show you the best jquery slider plugins demo and examples available.

Why is it necessary to use this slider?

  • Highly responsive one which adapts to any device
  • Comes with different modes like horizontal, vertical and fade
  • Contains images, video or HTML content in it
  • Has a built-in touch or swipe support
  • Animations are done using CSS transitions
  • Contains full callback API and public methods
  • Supports all modern and old browsers

jQuery Slider Plugins Examples & Demo

The following are some of the best jQuery slider plugins necessary for a website which will attract potential customers to your site once if the plugin is added.

jText jQuery Text Slider

The Text Slider sounds so good with its feature of sliding texts. You can use this text slider in websites wherever you want. You can even place it on the homepage for highlighting key phrases or any other interesting information which you wish to make it appear in an attractive way. If you want this text slider to be added to your website, download it by clicking the button given below.

It is a Jquery Plugin which comes with highly responsive 3D carousel in addition with modern effects and also with several other options. It features an infinite scroll and a full screen carousel and it also includes multiple layouts so that you can choose it according to your need.

Minimal configuration is needed to install this Jquery Plugin with a custom navigation bar which enables you to extend the functionalities like adding visual effects and videos and even more.

Fashion Responsive Slider

It is a highly responsive slider tutorial which is built using CSS3. It is an easily customizable layout which fits into any screen sizes. This slider is suitable especially for the fashion industries like online fashion, fashion designers, critics and cosmetics etc.


This slider got its name as the jquery slide in the slideshow wobble if they move. It is done based on Sergey Valiukh’s Dribble shot and some other advanced techniques too. It can bring you the jell-o-like movements once you apply this slider to your website. It will definitely grab the attention of your potential customers and let them focus on it.

Sliding Header Layout

It provides a toggle button which makes you to change a full screen image with a title in to a grid view. This header along with a full screen image will move upwards and then confess the content area with a grid. It is said to be one of the very interesting sliders which will get attention from most of the customers.

Prism Effect slider

Prism Effect slider is user interactive and responsive slider which comes with a prism effect. It comes with different designs and layouts along with a prism effect on its face which attracts you like anything.

Simple Image Slider

Draggable Dual-View Slideshow

Black and White

Colourful Wings



Start to download this slider which will take you to an animated world. It features 3D transforms and that too based on the Franklin Ta’s script. Its primary goal is to actually create a 3D matrix transformation and it definitely adds more beauty to the slideshow.

Hi-fi jQuery slider

Titled Slideshow

It is a 3d perspective jquery slider which performs very well with the interesting animations on the right hand side images. You can even get parallax effect on the background with this titled content slider. Make your website more interesting to the customers with this jquery plugin.


It is an item transition jquery slider which is necessary for transition of items and that from different use cases or scenarios. It includes a small component, image header and a product image along with a transparent background. These transitions are done using CSS animations in a fashionable and a smooth way.

Four Boxes

To produce a smooth effect and variations in jquery plugin sliders, this is created using 3D transforms, animations and transitions too. It enables you to display the items along with the captions. There is no need of jQuery library so that you will be free from all hassle. This slider fits into any mobile devices because of its responsive layout.


Bubble is a jquery plugin which uses icons as a slider and these icons get extracted from websites or even from the picture gallery. It is an easily customizable slider because it comes with various color schemes and font sizes. Under the icon, you can easily include the small captions for easy communication with the audience.


This morphing slideshow is created to have a transition between different devices which displays either a responsive website’s screenshot or an app which is known as “device class.”  It has created a morphine effect with the pseudo elements as well as the same elements.

Flipping Circle

Flipping Circle is a circular slider which is built to flip a circle and that too in a specific angle to slide to the image next to it. This depends upon the spot of the circle on which it is being clicked. It has three different angles such as top, middle and bottom.



If you want to extract videos from sites like you tube or any other sites, use this jquery immersive slider and add them in to your slider. It is done only by touching the button and adding it into your slider quickly.


SliceBox is another responsive jquery slider plugin with some of the major improvements and extra features. It is a 3D image slider plugin with 3D transforms which supports all older browsers.


Are you searching for a slider which should fit on any screen size? Then, elastislide will be highly recommended one which is a responsive jQuery Carousel. This plugin can be laid out in two different forms such as vertically or horizontally.

Animated Grid

3D panel

At a time, this slider will display several fashion and hence, it is a highly recommended one for the websites. With this slider, a series of images or photos can be shown on your site. Whenever you click the photos, it will be zoomed.

Smooth Scrolling




Galleria is one of the most familiar JavaScript image jquery slider frameworks which was created mainly for simplifying the process of professional image galleries which is compatible with mobile and web devices. You can extract images and video galleries easily from websites such as Flickr, you tube etc.


WOW slider

Wish to have a stunning visual effect? Then, you should go with WOW slider which provides effects like blur, flip, blast, fly, blinds, squares, slices, basic, fade, ken burns, stack, stack vertical and basic linear along with pre made professional templates.


Image Accordion

jPlayer Audio Slideshow

Parallax Content Slider

jQuery Retina Plugin




Actual slider

Horinaja jQuery SlideShow

jqFancy Transitions


Vertical Showcase Slider

It is one of the simplest and highly responsive jquery slider useful for an online store or a portfolio. It contains a wide range of sections in a full screen view, the image or preview and description.

Div Scroll Smooth


Blueberry jQuery image slider


Light box is a 3D gallery jquery slider which is built using CSS3 transfoms. It attracts the customers towards your site easily.


Parallax slider with jQuery

Rotating Image Slider

3D Effect

Crunch Bite


Draggable Boxes

This draggable boxes slider is very much needed to create a template with a full screen grid of a specific image jquery slider. It is designed to display boxes of thumbnails and menu items and once it gets clicked, the thumbnail will expand to a full size image. Automatically, the menu item box will get expanded in to a full screen content area.

Image Zoom Tour with jQuery

Content Rotator

Supersized slideshow



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