How to Enable or Disable a Button using Jquery

Normally, people will press a submit button more than a time to make sure the button is surely clicked. While do so, it will results and cause submission issue and sometimes shows error. To overcome this problem, the only solution is to disables the submit button after user clicked it. Using jQuery has many features, … Read more

Download 25 Best & Free jQuery Responsive Image Slider Plugins

The Present world believes in creativity and hence in the race of modern internet world, filling up the website with just content and images are not enough. You have to do something that adds life to your websites like responsiveness and images sliders. A modern website with responsive image slider has much visibility, if you … Read more

Free CSS3 & jQuery Loading Animations

Animated Progress Bar Animated Progress bar template is simple and easy to use as it compiled cleanly with CSS and jQuery elements. This one acts as the intro page loading option for your website and it will disappear after the web load event. Author: Editorial Developed Html, CSS & jQuery CSS Loading Animation Author: ALESSIO … Read more

Ketchup Plugin

What is the Ketchup Plugin about? Ketchup is a slim jQuery Plugin that validates your forms. It aims to be very flexible and extendable for its appearance and functionality. Don’t like the default styling? Change it! Need another mark up? Edit it! No validation fits your needs? Write your own! Make your own ketchup with … Read more