HTML5 & CSS Datepicker Examples

The pure html css datepicker is tricky to write. We have given collection of html, jquery and javascript based date picker examples below. In case if you would like to use html/css alone then we suggest to create individual field to select date, month and year and populate as a date label next to it.

HTML5 input with datepicker demo

Author: Nikita Hlopov
Developed: HTML & JS

HTML5 datepicker

Author: James Barnett
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

HTML5 date input (Chrome bug)

Author: Davide Rizzo
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

PURE CSS Date Picker

Developed: HTML & CSS

JS Date Picker

Author: Tuomas Hatakka
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

jQuery UI Date Picker

Author: Ashley Ktorou
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

jQuery UI Datepicker

Author: Amrz
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

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