Free HTML & CSS Dropdown Menu Templates

For a website, the navigation is the most fundamental aspects of maintaining the delightful user interface. You know the first impression begins with its header that means it menu templates which are very important. A content-rich website without usable navigation is completely useless, even though it is vital you have to keep it simple so that it attracts to users to explore your website.

In online you can find a lot of useful tutorial explaining you the way to create a drop-down menu using HTML5 and CSS3 for free. But for you time-saving, I have mentioned some cool predefined HTML and CSS drop-down menu navigation templates that are to be inspired.

Top Most Dropdown Menu Templates – HTML/CSS

Flat Design Dropdown Menu

This flat design menu template is completely designed with pure CSS and icons are provided by the font awesome. Hence will be no need of images, also this easy to use templates includes the search box. This flat navigation menu is lightweight and hence integrating this with your website will be easier.

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Stunning Menu in CSS3

It is a sticky and smooth drop-down navigation menu which is crafted in depth with effects and transition animations. This template is designed with CSS3 menu for the animation and the smooth transition. Whenever you hover the mouse on the menu you will get a water drop like effect.

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Lava Lamp Menu

The Lava lamp menu is one of the templates that look like animated menu because of its lava lamp effects. Here in this template the gorgeous look and feel have been achieved only with the CSS3 elements without any usage of JavaScript.

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Level Deep CSS Dropdown Menu

It is a multi level dropdown menu created using the border radius, box shadow, and the text shadow. This template works perfectly on all the modern web browsers and the old browsers. It is flexible and easy to use and the only thing that may miss in some browsers will be the gradient effect.

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Simple Iconic Dropdown Menu

It is a simple and modern looking drop down menu template that comes with white and blue color theme. The templates can be redesigned easily based on your desire and the fact is it is simple and so performing changes in this template will not be much difficult.

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Black Horizontal Dropdown Menu

This black colored clean and minimal menu navigation template is formed with pure HTML5/CSS3. This templates is very beautiful and can be used in real world projects as it works great in every major browser.

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Pseudo Class Dropdown Menu

It is a unique navigation menu template that is coded with target pseudo class based on the in page referencing. To initiate the drop-down menu for the first time the users has to click on the main menu. Each time the menu is clicked on a page that has to scroll, the menu moves to the top of the page.

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Cherry Responsive Dropdown Menu

The latest addition to our menu family is the Cherry responsive menu. This menu completely relies only on CSS/HTML and also works amazingly on all major desktop browsers as well as mobile browsers. The simple, clean, minimalistic design will make the navigation of your website easy for your users to navigate.

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Responsive Horizontal Dropdown Menu

This large horizontal drop-down menu simply shows the sub-menu when an item gets clicked. It’s inspired by the drop-down menu. The menu is fluid so that it can be used easily in a responsive layout. Even it is a traditional browsers or modern browser, this templates work seamlessly on them and also inspite of device size.

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Geometry Dropdown Menu

It’s a sure thing that CSS3 features like transitions, animations, and transforms can add extra spice to your designs. With this example, you will see how you can build an awesome CSS3 animated dropdown menu with some of these cool features. This Geometry template gives a modern look and feels to your website that attracts more loyal users.

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