21+ Pure CSS Range Slider Bars

If you have been using range slider in your e-commerce website, then your website looks excellent and user-friendly too. Suppose, you have not yet used it in you website, kindly use it.

Why because am saying is, nowadays for online shopping and all purpose web-pages are using range sliders for user-interface. Therefore, when you use range sliders on your portal then the users choose a value within the limited range.

Range sliders can be activated by dragging action left to right and vice-versa. Apart from its function, the design of range sliders makes your web page more appealing to the customers.

Here you will find pure CSS range sliders, which can be used for the price, time selections, zooming, and so on for your website. The below-listed CSS range sliders can be easy to use and handle with little editing. So, all these CSS range sliders have different that can be suitable for various websites. CSS range sliders collections have various styles including colors, flat, 3D styles, gradient, modern, and more.

Top 20+ CSS Range Sliders

To keep your users engaged in your web page, just go through the responsive CSS range slider collections and make use of them in your online website.

CSS Range Slider

This is an amazing range slider with a beautiful design. It displays the exact value when you are dragging. It is originally designed by Sean Stopnik.

Author: Sean Stopnik
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Modern, Usable and Responsive Sliders

This cute CSS rage slider is a fully responsive designs that can be fitted to any size of the screen. You can utilize this one and integrate this modern slider with your website. It is actually designed by Simon Goellner.

Author: Simon Goellner
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

AngularJS Responsive Multi-range slider

Sometimes in many situations where you are in a need of two-handle range slider. Here is the one with a simple array of numbers. The below pen is by Anand Thakker.

Author: Anand Thakker
Developed with HTML & CSS

jQuery UI range slider

jQuery UI range slider with floating and merged values at overlapping point. It is designed by Ignaty Nikulin.

Author: Ignaty Nikulin
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Customized Range Slider

Here is the another customized range slider includes attractive design and color combination. A Pen by Chris Coyier.

Author: Chris Coyier
Developed with HTML & CSS

Color Range Slider

Have a close look into this lovely colorful range slider. Use it on your website and see what makes it more special. This one is coded by Gabriel Tomescu.

Author: Gabriel Tomescu
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

jQuery Time Range Slider

It is basically created by Casey Hunt.

Author: Casey Hunt
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Gear Slider

The below pen code is done by Mariusz Dabrowski.

Author: Mariusz Dabrowski
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Price Range Slider

This one is designed by Vubon.

Author: Vubon
Developed with HTML & JS

UI Range Slider

Author: Abe
Developed with HTML & CSS

Angular Range Slider Filter

This range slider was designed by Damein.

Author: Damein
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

GSAP – SVG Path Range Slider

It is initially created by Diaco M.Lotfollahi.

Author: Diaco M.Lotfollahi
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Material Design Range Slider

This pen is by Andreas Storm on Codepen platform.

Author: Andreas Storm
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Range Slider Output

This range slider is coded by Michael Wolthers Nielsen.

Author: Michael Wolthers Nielsen
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Gradient Range Slider

It is very pleasant with its gradients design. While using this slider in your project, it get users attention. It is coded by Eric Grucza.

Author: Eric Grucza
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Range Slider with Two Handles & Pop Up + Data

This pen code by Perre Hamel.

Author: Perre Hamel
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Range Slider with Feedback

This code pen by Mikey Wills.

Author: Mikey Wills
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS

Input Range with Two Sliders

The below range slider was code by Rendy Tan.

Author: Rendy Tan
Developed with HTML & CSS

Flat Range Sliders

It is created by Rosh Jutherford.

Author: Rosh Jutherford
Developed with HTML & CSS

jQuery UI Slider using Date Range

Author: Rod Reyes
Developed with HTML & JS

Range Slider with Dynamic Icon

Author: LeFourbeFromage
Developed with HTML & CSS & JS