Best 10 CSS Off Canvas Menus Code & Examples

Having Off-Canvas menu will provide an extremely useful and beautiful experience for your users. Instead of javascript, the below examples used pure CSS for animations and customize. The below-list will give you the smoother and better performance and can easier to tweak too.

Pure CSS Off-Canvas Menus

This off-canvas menu design was developed using pure CSS flexbox and no javascript. It was designed by the developer, Stingy.

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It is a type of off canvas css menu with animated links, by Amit Singh.

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CSS Off Canvas Menus

It is another off canvas menu written in pure css by Jannis Rohden.

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Simple CSS Off Canvas Menus

When you move the mouse pointer to the left side, you can see the off-canvas menu. This css menu was developed by the developer Andrew Lewis Campbell.

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Off-Canvas Menu with CSS

This basic off-canvas menu controlled only with CSS and it was actually created by Ryan Mulligan.

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Responsive Off Canvas Menu

This is another amazing off-canvas menu design, which was coded by Sanjeev Yadav.

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Zoom to Off Canvas Menu – CSS only

This zooming off-canvas menu was done by Mike. It will zoom in and zoom out while you clicking the menu items.

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CSS Animation Off Canvas Menu

The below code was published by Tim Normington.

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Expanding Off Canvas Menu

It was very attractive menu with off-canvas style, which will be very useful for your website. This code was created by Stavros Loannidis.

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Dual Off-canvas Menu with Flexbox

This css design uses flexbox to control the layout, which means the content areas can be resize and fit to the screen.

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