25+ Super & Perfect CSS Loading Spinner

Have you notified that there are different kinds of JavaScript-based spinners are out there for website content? Still, the CSS technology can do the same with even better performance and few coding.

So, CSS Loading Spinners are the best way to give life to your web pages. In this post, we would like to share with you the list of more than 25 loading spinners design with CSS for your program.

List of CSS Spinner Examples with Code

Pure CSS Loaders Kit

It is a single element pure CSS spinner, which are really awesome. This spinner is fully usable to your website with free and full download source code.

This tutorial by Viduthalai Mani.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”JkhDK” default_tab=”result” user=”viduthalai1947″]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/viduthalai1947/pen/JkhDK/’>Pure CSS Loaders kit</a> by Viduthalai Mani (<a href=’https://codepen.io/viduthalai1947′>@viduthalai1947</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS Spinner

Just another CSS only loading spinner that will be an excellent choice for any web design.

A pen by Alexander Erlandsson.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”yOVdvj” default_tab=”result” user=”alexerlandsson”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/alexerlandsson/pen/yOVdvj/’>CSS Spinner</a> by Alexander Erlandsson (<a href=’https://codepen.io/alexerlandsson’>@alexerlandsson</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Lovely CSS Spinners

The below mentioned code established by Zessx.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”RNPKKK” default_tab=”result” user=”zessx”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/zessx/pen/RNPKKK/’>CSS spinners</a> by zessx (<a href=’https://codepen.io/zessx’>@zessx</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Super Simple CSS Spinner

It was developed by Thomas Mandelid.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”vwKoe” default_tab=”result” user=”mandelid”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/mandelid/pen/vwKoe/’>Super Simple CSS Spinner</a> by Thomas Mandelid (<a href=’https://codepen.io/mandelid’>@mandelid</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

1 Element CSS Spinners

This one was designed by Paolo Duzioni.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”ZoRabJ” default_tab=”result” user=”Paolo-Duzioni”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/Paolo-Duzioni/pen/ZoRabJ/’>1 Element CSS Spinners</a> by Paolo Duzioni (<a href=’https://codepen.io/Paolo-Duzioni’>@Paolo-Duzioni</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS only Spinners

The below spinners are look pretty radical and tech-focused between various colors. All these spinners’ colors go together in a rainbow. If you wish to use this black spinner in your site, then make sure the color to match with your layout.

This below mentioned css code was created by Mark Kahn.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”Esrot” default_tab=”result” user=”zyklus”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/zyklus/pen/Esrot/’>Pure CSS Spinners</a> by Mark Kahn (<a href=’https://codepen.io/zyklus’>@zyklus</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Cool CSS Spinner

It was actually build by James Nowland.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”XJPEBO” default_tab=”result” user=”jnowland”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/jnowland/pen/XJPEBO/’>Pure CSS Spinner</a> by James Nowland (<a href=’https://codepen.io/jnowland’>@jnowland</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS Spinners

The below pen code by Iulian Savin.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”RaeWmY” default_tab=”result” user=”Iulius90″]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/Iulius90/pen/RaeWmY/’>CSS spinners</a> by Iulian Savin (<a href=’https://codepen.io/Iulius90′>@Iulius90</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Animated CSS Spinners

This css code was written by John W. Long.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”aGhKi” default_tab=”result” user=”jlong”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/jlong/pen/aGhKi/’>Pure CSS Spinners</a> by John W. Long (<a href=’https://codepen.io/jlong’>@jlong</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Alternating CSS Spinner

This spinner was coded by Katrine-Marie Burmeister.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”ZGzybX” default_tab=”result” user=”Katrine-Marie”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/Katrine-Marie/pen/ZGzybX/’>Alternating CSS Spinner</a> by Katrine-Marie Burmeister (<a href=’https://codepen.io/Katrine-Marie’>@Katrine-Marie</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Tutorial          Live Demo

CSSPin – CSS Spinners and Loaders

A pen by Nitish Khagwal.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”vygRNB” default_tab=”result” user=”nitishkmrk”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/nitishkmrk/pen/vygRNB/’>CSSPIN – CSS Spinners and Loaders</a> by Nitish Khagwal (<a href=’https://codepen.io/nitishkmrk’>@nitishkmrk</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Spin It – CSS Spinners

The code was established by Rajat Kanto Nandi.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”vdxzaV” default_tab=”result” user=”rajatkantinandi”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/rajatkantinandi/pen/vdxzaV/’>Spin it!! – CSS Spinners & Loaders</a> by Rajat Kanti Nandi (<a href=’https://codepen.io/rajatkantinandi’>@rajatkantinandi</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS Spinner

This one was developed by Minesh Mitha.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”Lvump” default_tab=”result” user=”Minesh93″]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/Minesh93/pen/Lvump/’>CSS Spinner</a> by Minesh Mitha (<a href=’https://codepen.io/Minesh93′>@Minesh93</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Loading Spinner

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”AslbK” default_tab=”result” user=”WrmYT0bxW0″]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/WrmYT0bxW0/pen/AslbK/’>Loading spinner</a> by – (<a href=’https://codepen.io/WrmYT0bxW0′>@WrmYT0bxW0</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Olympics CSS Spinner

It is one of the most creative spinner, we have seen in a while. You can use this excellent spinner design into a web page. This one is easier to manage via CSS code to load into website.

The pen was coded by Boomer.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”BzOPPz” default_tab=”result” user=”CodeBoomer”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/CodeBoomer/pen/BzOPPz/’>Olympics CSS Spinner</a> by Boomer (<a href=’https://codepen.io/CodeBoomer’>@CodeBoomer</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Zero Element CSS Spinner

A pen by Chris Nager.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”Bvnlc” default_tab=”result” user=”chrisnager”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/chrisnager/pen/Bvnlc/’>Zero Element CSS Spinner</a> by Chris Nager (<a href=’https://codepen.io/chrisnager’>@chrisnager</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS Spinner for Web Design

The lower code by Kai Waddington.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”gJnlw” default_tab=”result” user=”waddington”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/waddington/pen/gJnlw/’>css spinner for /r/web_design</a> by Kai Waddington (<a href=’https://codepen.io/waddington’>@waddington</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

CSS Spinner

A pen by Caspian Seagull.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”jVqzbJ” default_tab=”result” user=”dead_seagull”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/dead_seagull/pen/jVqzbJ/’>CSS Spinner</a> by Caspian Seagull (<a href=’https://codepen.io/dead_seagull’>@dead_seagull</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Greenish CSS Spinner

A pen by Alec Lomas.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”dzlHy” default_tab=”result” user=”lowmess”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/lowmess/pen/dzlHy/’>CSS Spinner</a> by Alec Lomas (<a href=’https://codepen.io/lowmess’>@lowmess</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Single Element CSS Spinners

This element was created by MarcLibunao.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”ErJpu” default_tab=”result” user=”MarcRay”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/MarcRay/pen/ErJpu/’>Single Element CSS Spinners & Loaders</a> by MarcLibunao (<a href=’https://codepen.io/MarcRay’>@MarcRay</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Pure CSS Spinners

A pen was designed by Cory LaViska.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”MoLWbj” default_tab=”result” user=”claviska”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/claviska/pen/MoLWbj/’>Pure CSS Spinners</a> by Cory LaViska (<a href=’https://codepen.io/claviska’>@claviska</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Single Div CSS Spinners

This lower one was developed by Jason Hee.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”dOvzLz” default_tab=”result” user=”jasonheecs”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/jasonheecs/pen/dOvzLz/’>Single Div CSS Spinners</a> by Jason Hee (<a href=’https://codepen.io/jasonheecs’>@jasonheecs</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Orbit Spinner

This code was created by Renato Ribeiro.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”skEIC” default_tab=”result” user=”renatorib”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/renatorib/pen/skEIC/’>Orbit</a> by Renato Ribeiro (<a href=’https://codepen.io/renatorib’>@renatorib</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]

Dot CSS Spiner

Last but not least, it is made of smaller dots, which are going through a cycle rotation. This is actually designed to slow down and then speed up to complete another circle revolution.

The below mentioned code made by Jonathan Yap.

Tutorial          Live Demo

[codepen_embed height=”400″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”sAxhH” default_tab=”result” user=”yapjonathan”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/yapjonathan/pen/sAxhH/’>Dot CSS spinner</a> by Jonathan Yap (<a href=’https://codepen.io/yapjonathan’>@yapjonathan</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]