12+ Cool CSS Animated Background

There are so much of designs to decorate your website background than simply showcasing a photo or texture in the space. Here is the combination of CSS and a little bit for creating some simple and amazing animated special effects.

Let’s take a look into some of the unique styles to spice up your web page background. Many CSS code designers use simple code technique, where all can work exactly how they work.

Pure CSS Animated Background

Author: Mohammad Abdul Mohaiman
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Dark – CSS Animated Background

Author: Mario Duarte
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Animated Background Colors

Author: Niels Oeltjen
Developed: HTML & CSS 

CSS Animated Background Gradient

Author: Arden
Developed: HTML & CSS 

Animated Background Body Tag

Author: Asfar Mohamed
Developed: CSS 

Sliding Diagonals Background Effect

Author: Chris Smith
Developed: HTML & CSS 

Animated Canvas Background

Author: Tuomas Poyry
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

HTML Canvas Animated Background

Author: Html5andblog
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

CSS Animated Background

Author: Andrew
Developed: CSS 

Tiny Responsive Animated Background

Author: Deineko
Developed: HTML & CSS 

Animating Background CSS

Author: Unmesh Shukla
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS
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