23+ Best CSS Accordion Menus

As website designers, we have to think of design patterns. A good website must have jump links, navigation bar, menus, and accordions. So, today I this post, we will focus on Accordions. Accordion Menu is the most important solution that has the potential of keeping the user in place.

Accordions seem to be the best solution for shortening long content pages.

However, Accordions will be the best solution for the problem of displaying too much content in small screen space. Accordion menu is the menu that vertically stacked list of headers. An accordion menu can be clicked to hide or reveal content associated with it.

Accordions will help the user to decide what to read and what to ignore. Overall it has been allowing people to have control over the content by expanding or deferring it for later.

List of CSS Accordion Menus

Now let’s get started!!! Here you can see the list of CSS based Accordion Menu, which will help you!! Hope you like it so!

Hover Activated Accordion with Default State

Author: Cory
Developed: HTML & CSS

Pure CSS Accordion Menu

Author: Mark Yackley
Developed: HTML & CSS

Multi-Level Accordion

Author: Ryan Bobrowski
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

CSS3 Accordion Slider

Author: Tayfun B
Developed: HTML & CSS

Yellowish CSS Accordion Menu

Author: Gurpreet Kaur
Developed: HTML & CSS

Acne Accordion

Author: Nadia
Developed: HTML & CSS

Radio & Checkboxes CSS Accordion Menus

Author: Gwen
Developed: HTML & CSS

jQuery + CSS Accordian Menu

Author: Farid silva
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

Author: Aysha Anggraini
Developed: HTML & CSS

Smooth Accordion Dropdown Menu

Author: Fainder
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Accordion made with React

Author: Matthew Vincent
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Responsive Animated SCSS Accordion

Author: MrPirrera
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

Accordion with Unlimited Nesting

Author: Brenden Palmer
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

CSS3 Multiple Accordion Menu

Author: Graeme Attkins
Developed: HTML & CSS

Pure CSS Acordion

Author: Raúl Barrera
Developed: HTML & CSS

Flat Accordion

Author: Soufiane Abid
Developed: HTML, CSS & JS

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