15+ Cloud Effect Background Animations using CSS & SVG

Building an animation-based website is always eye-popping, and also it helps your site to achieve tremendous surge. In the midst of complex animation languages, there are also introduced many pure CSS and SVG-based animation because most of the web developers have learned HTML and CSS and for a beginner also it will be a piece of cake.

CSS or cascading style sheet is popular and must learn a language for every web developer, and it is developed to define the layout of HTML.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is W3C standard XML-based vector graphics that supports interactivity and animation on a website.

Generally Moving cloud animation background on the website is pretty much loved by more users and hence, we have concentrated entirely on animated cloud backgrounds. Are you a beginner in website creation? Then you should go with this, and it is the finest way to grab more visitors’ attention.

If you want to create your own animation we encourage it, but still for your reference here we have provided more than 15 cloud animation background examples with free demo and source code.

To use this, all animation you don’t need any graphics software just a bit of CSS and SVG wisdom is enough. Just check it out!

Cloud Background with Rainbow Spinner

This cloud and rainbow animation is widely popular because it really renders an entertaining and colorful background to your website. This animation feature is completely customizable and highly responsive so, that it easily adapts to trending websites. The rich green and sky-based backgrounds with multicolor rainbow spinner provided in this design make it more lively.

Author: Jack Westbrook
Created with HTML & CSS 

Animated Cloud SVG + Rocket On Path

A smart and impressive cloud animation done with SVG and in this animation, you can see a cloud along with a rocket revolving around the cloud in a certain path. This background animation is fully responsive and also compatible with all up-to-date browsers.  You know this one is the most frequently shared SVG-based backdrop in code pen.

Author: Nick McBurney
Created with HTML & CSS 

Cloud Key frame Animation With Windmill

Another cloud-based keyframe background coded with simple CSS and HTML and so anyone can easily customize and use it in their projects.  This ardor is filled with blue-colored backdrop moving clouds and the spinning windmill presented in this animation is added advantage. Like the above-mentioned animation, it is not responsive but still, it is the most favorable animation because of the easy use of codings.

Author: JS Bin
Created with HTML

CSS Cloud Animation in Day & Night

It is a CSS-based cloud animation that changes between day and night. At first, you can see a blue sky representing daytime, and slowly the cloud moves there comes a dark sky to represent nighttime. In this animation, you can feel like the clouds and transitions as real. With the CSS3 coding, you can recreate this sky and can also extend the transition to prolong the sequence.

Author: Montana Flynn
Created with HTML & CSS 

Floating Cloud Background Using CSS

A simple and smooth background animation with floating clouds and the clouds comes in two different colors. The background glow provided in this animation may look artificial but its crystal clear style will make your website more alluring. The reason for its popularity is due to its perfect and responsive outlook on all devices, especially on mobiles and tablets.

Author: Shaw
Created with HTML & CSS 

Moving Cloud with Paper Plane

A free, responsive, and simple-looking cloud animation designed with pure CSS and HTML. The cloud and paper plane designed in this animation gives a slow floating effect like real life. The concept of this design is slick and it takes in all sizes splendidly. This animation effect makes visitors pay some more time to your website.

Author: Jon Q
Created with HTML & CSS 

3D Effect Cloud Background Using CSS

Indeed an amazing real cloud-based 3D animation effect created completely with CSS3 3D transform functionalities. When you hover your mouse on the effect you can see that wherever you move your mouse the cloud also moves and by dragging the mouse you can zoom the cloud visual. Absolutely it will be a visual treat for the user. Other than these it includes many transitions and for more info view the demo. Before that aware to run this coding on up-to-date browsers that supports style transform to preserve high-quality 3D effects.

Author: Jaume Sánchez
Created with JS & CSS 

Real Moving Clouds using HTML5 and CSS

Are you looking for a real cloud-like animation? Then this example is the foolproof one for you. This sample also has the same transition effects I mentioned in the above 3D effect animation. It is coded with HTML5 and pure CSS to show beautifully flying clouds across the Sky.

Created with HTML & CSS & JS

Pure CSS Background with Cloud Effect

Cloud effect is a free and responsive animation background and of course, it is implemented on your favorite HTML and CSS3 so that you can customize it easily. When you view this animation you will feel like seeing a video because of its clean intuitive design.

Author: Valentin Radulescu
Created with HTML & CSS 

Cloud Background with Moon Light

A simple cloud with a moonlight background illustrated with pure HTML and CSS. This one is blended completely with clean codings and a responsive layout as you need. In this animation, you can see a moon surrounded by four clouds moving as bounce, and at a particular interval of time a small cat-like image peeping behind the moon.

Author: Angela Velasquez
Created with HTML & CSS 

Cloudy Sky Animated Background (CSS)

A nice pixeled animation effect loaded with a bunch of clouds and is coded with lightweight CSS and a mobile-friendly method to achieve a high responsive effect on each frame. Here the device and browser support is excellent.

Author: mghayour
Created with HTML & CSS3

Cloud Background with Simple Sky

This is a plain cloud effect with Sky designed with CSS to provide a moving cloud shadow effect on your website background. In this animation, a simple parallax effect is achieved by using variety in speed and color of the clouds. This one is highly seen in many games.

 Created with HTML & CSS

Simple Moving Cloud

This simple moving cloud is coded with CSS for providing an animated background that provides a clean atmospheric feel to your website. It has a sky blue colored background and different sizes of similar look clouds moving to the right at different speeds.

Author: Kevin Jannis
Created with HTML & CSS 

Bright Animated Cloud with CSS

The concept of this animation is to achieve a bright and playful cloud-based moving background in the website or games. To design this effect CSS animation with different sizes of clouds is utilized.

Author: Mark Bowley
Created with HTML & CSS 

Blue Cloud Animation Background

A transparent moving clouds animation brought out using simple CSS3 animation techniques and this effect is designed with two-layer to create an illusion of parallax effect. The first layer contains a shimmering blue colored cloud and the second layer has the same clouds with a blurring effect.

Author: Kushagra Agarwal
Created with HTML & CSS 

Pure CSS3 Animated Cloud Background

A CSS3 master pieced animation that renders a perfect cloud animation background for all websites. Due to its responsive nature, it resizes according to your device screen size. You can easily customize the cloud and color effects in this design if you want.

Author: Kangrian
Created with HTML & CSS 

In this post, we have provided all the examples with free source codes so that you can use them on your website without worrying about cost.  If you have found any  CSS and SVGCloud animations other than the above mentioned list you can simply share with us in the comment section, so that we can enhance our list in future.

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