Best Parallax Scrolling Interaction Css javascript Library and Plugins

Grabbing the attention of the customers in the first visit is imperative for any website that arises on the internet. As soon as it comes to the website every expert aspire is in such a way that it allows users to interact with the site comfortably.

After the revolution of Web 2.0, the HTML5 combined with CSS has changed the view of the website. Along with the Modern JavaScript, it has created the control over animation without the need of flash. This called as the “parallax scrolling”.

Parallax designs have gained much these days, and it seems to be the right fit for today’s trending web themes. In past, you can see that this technique has been most employed in games to offers interactive 3D effect, but now you can use it in your websites using parallax effect.

Today I have come up with a huge list of best jQuery plugins and JavaScript libraries that come for free.  All the plugins in this comprehensive list are somewhat exclusive as I have collected it based on GitHub updates and design developer friendliness factors.

Spice Up Your Site With Parallax Effect…

If your website is static and as same as many spreads  over the internet, the users may fell not unique, and they just skip it off. This is one of the reasons behind choosing the parallax effect feature. This effect gives visitors a vibrant and real-time browsing experience to the users by presenting web pages dynamically with advanced animation and effects.

If you have been searching for a parallax scrolling plugin and not able to find the right one, then take a look at this collection.

List Of Parallax Scrolling Plugins and Javascript Library


Parallax.js is a phenomenal open source project of Matt Wagerfield and Claudio Guglieri due to the inspiration of Spotify websites. It is a lightweight JavaScript library solution for creating the parallax effects. Apart from the cursor support it also works perfectly on all your smart devices.

This smart plugin can work either as standalone or jquery and zepto plugin. In this plugin, you will find several tweaky options.


The skrollr is specifically noted as the stand-alone parallax scrolling javascript library for mobile (both android and ios operating system) and desktop. It is not based on the jQuery, just a plain javascript and built using the latest technologies such as HTML and CSS3.

It is featured with some creative examples to showcase the flexibility of it javascript library and also contains tensive documentation. Other than just parallax scrolling it is also known a the fully-fledged scrolling animation library

Scroll Magic

A modern web design has opened doors to allow greater effects to be accomplished with fewer lines of code. This plugin does not make any effect on the content but alternately improves the outstanding user experience.

The scroll magic plugin is one of the popular and feature rich plugin which shows the Magical effect when a user scrolls the web page. This splendid plugin synchronizes the animation, pins element and toggles CSS class based on the scroll position.


A simple and easy to use plugin created specially to present full-screen scrolling websites. This single page website allows the creation of full-screen scrolling websites. As well as it includes some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.


It is an interesting plugin that offers a straightforward and beautiful style of navigation to engage the visitors in the first look. However, you can revise the animation timing for the sliders and even can make any changes in the animation by slight changes in CSSS3. This effect can adapt to different screening devices conveiently.


If you really want to trigger certain animation on scrolling? You should prioritize to choose the Waypoint.js. The Waypoint.js provides eye candy effects to the websites in parallel during the scrolling of web pages. You can access to many globally accepted effects by using these code snippets on the section you need.


Stellar.js is also a jQuery plugin that provides parallax scrolling effects to any scrolling element. This should be your first choice while stepping in parallax scrolling effect. It is very easy to use as it works by adding some simple attribute data to the markup. By scrolling horizontally you will be definitely amazed with effects involving the lightning backgrounds.

You can add different scrolling speeds and can also reposition to the elements by including attributes. All the elements with effect will get back to their original positions when they come to the edge of the page

Super Scroll Orama

The super scrolling aroma is a jquery plugin that lets users create the visually stunning parallax effects to the scrolling of the web pages. By dividing the content into blocks, it simply allows the user animate elements on the page (when a block is reached) based on the browser window’s scroll position.

With this plugin, you will get a chance to add many transition effects for the text like fade, fly, spin, rotate, zoom, wipe and unpin. Also, can add many effects in it as it has easy customization option. This plugin gives fun and dynamic look to your website.


Pagepilling is a Responsive Jquery plugin that creates parallax effects by piling the section one over other as pages. You can access them or see variations by scrolling or clicking on the menu buttons

It is superb for the sites which need interactive illustrations and rich user experience through creative methods of a parallax effect.

Jquery Pin

JQueryPin is a simple plugin that sticks something to the top of the browser to quietly hang around in your view as you scroll down. You can include more additional features for one-page layouts and this plugin even work on multi-page sites correctly.


Multiscroll.js is a new jQuery plugin that binds parallax effect to pages on scrolling. This allows page sections to scroll in the different direction to create an illusion of parallax in depth.

Basically, this plugin lets you to create an animation effect to the page setion where it loads in two different manners which side into place as the page loads. This plugin is created by the same developer (alvarotrigo) who made the pagePiling.js plugin.


The Scrolldeck parallax effect has the background moves slightly slower than the content when the user scrolls. This effect can be achieved by altering the position of the background in the point for the every pixel it scrolled.

This parallax effect is suitable for the websites that display the web pages as the slides. By adding certain classes to elements, you can animate the slides on your website.


It is a JavaScript library built with best navigation support item for the advancement of one-directional scrolling. This library can be used as the replacement of simple scroll bar based on the navigation tool. This provides great animation interface with cool navigation for parallax websites.


ScrollMe is a advanced plugin for computing adorable parallax scrolling effects to your page. It can scale, rotate, translate and change the opacity of elements on the page, as you scroll down. The Scroll Me automatically turns your page to responsive.

Animate scroll

A powerful jQuery plugin comes with an animate scroll() method call to help visitors in scrolling to any part of the page with style. Its responsiveness is the best way to have a site that fits perfectly in any screen resolution, and It supports 30 unique scrolling styles to make a beautiful visual effect.

Jinvert scroll

Jinvert scroll is same a jQuery plugin which is used to manipulate the default scrolling behavior of the website and forces it to perform horizontal scrolling.The implementation of parallax effects with the onScroll callback is quite easy with this plugin.

This plugin is light weighted and to work with this no setup is needed, Adding a particular class to wrapper elements and calling a JS function is enough.

Arbitrary anchor.js

This plugin with the set of HTML, CSS, and Jquery files is ideal for web designers and developers who wants simple parallax scrolling for their site. This plugin anchors users to any part of the page with the little magic by extending the average anchor functionality.


Jarallax is a feature-rich jquery plugin for creating and customizing parallax scrolling effects. The library enables us to add the parallax effects to the elements and the backgrounds based on the gyroscope sensor data or mouse movement. With this plugin, anyone can incorporate the parallax effects on their website.


The scrolly is too a javascript library designed to orientate the page scrolling based on the mouse moving along with responsiveness. It works similar to the Pagepilling.js plugin, and another unique factor is it made sections of images and content with a certain timer to vary the scrolling effect of the page in speed.


A Nifty jQuery plugin crafted for full page scroll, it best suits for the presentations like websites with galleries of your work. The whole plugin is easy to rework and has responsiveness for mobile devices.


Whether looking for an ultra-light and simple to use the plugin for parallax scrolling effect?  Enllax.js is the right choice I suggest for you. This plugin has made the installation of parallax effect super easy. All you have to do is to include the data attributes elements in the section where you want to add this scrolling effect.


A jquery plugin created with a purpose to generate the full-screen star field canvas by controlling the div by CSS. The div is created as the background animation with an activated plugin that reacts to users scrolls instantly.


It is an open source jQuery plugin that adjusts CSS automatically to make the interaction easier. This plugin is optimized with simple and smooth scrolling snap to the page sections. It is configured to provide responsive and many scrolling methods.


Are you looking to use jQuery on your site? Then jQuery is the best alternative of other javascript plugin. Jarallax offers plenty of unique option that all witnessed to provide outstanding parallax scrolling effect. It supports custom controllers to control the time-based animations and mouse gestures.

Parallax Image Scroll

Parallax Image scroll is the jQuery and AMD compatible plugin created with massive inspiration of Spotify. This plugin is simple and easy to use; it allows the user to create the parallax effect with the images. It utilizes CSS3 transform to make the animation and it works falls back on all positioning based on the cursor movement.

Plugin NameSize (min)GitHub StarsComment
ScrollMagic *6kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 6550Standlone Library -supports GSAP, Velocity & jquery. Visit
Skrollr *12kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 15161Standalone – Pure js, no jquery –  Visit
Scrollorama20kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 2472jquery dependent –   Visit
FullPage.js12kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 13000jquery dependent –   Visit
AnimateScroll4kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 525jquery based –  Visit
PagePiling.js9kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”]2383jquery based –   Visit
Alton9kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 137jquery based –   Visit
Stellar.js12kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 3693jquery based –   Visit
MultiScroll.js9.9kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 746jquery based –   Visit
Scrollme.js5.5kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”]1001jquery based –   Visit
Jarallax.25kbnajquery based –   Visit
Arbitrary-anchor.js3.11kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 382jquery based –   Visit
WayPoint.js4kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 6817Trigger Function when scroll to an element. –   Visit
OverScroll1.3kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 248jquery  –   Visit
Sly.js58kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 2356jquery plugin  –   Visit
Scrolly2.2kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 353jquery plugin –   Visit
Onepage-Scroll9kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 8429jquery plugin –   Visit
jInvertScroll4.6[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 387jquery plugin –   Visit
ParallaxJs10kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 942jquery plugin –   Visit
StickUp2.6kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 1264jquery plugin –   Visit
Scrollify6.6kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 483jquery plugin –   Visit
SlimScroll4.6kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 1455jquery plugin –   Visit
jquery.pin1.6kb[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” type=”fa”] 1081jquery plugin –   Visit

So, developers here you have found 25+ parallax scrolling effect library and plugins for your inspiration and all these can be blended with any web templates easily. Hope you have come with some conclusion to lock some plugins for your upcoming projects. So whats your favorite one?

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