Whmcs Promo Coupon Codes 2021

Wow guys! It looks awesome to see that you have wrapped up with a good dedicated or vps server and even much better hosting control panel to kick start your web hosting business.  What’s the thing that comes next to your mind? I guess, it will be about customer management and billing portal. As you know, some big companies have their own payment checkout process script along with hosting automation.

So for a good hosting company, we suggest you to focus on,

  A quick and prompt support (24 x 7 x 365), In these days ticket system is quiet enough and you know whmcs comes with integrated ticket system.

  Make a decisive Server almost with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

  Get familiar among the customers by marketing your promotional offers around the web.

Whether you need to make a responsive web layout with whmcs integration for your business, just check out their themes or templates and in that everything will be kept ready, all you need is to plug your whmcs and start taking web hosting orders. As your wish we have got additional discount on whmcs billing software for your upcoming hosting portal.

WHMCS Plans & Pricing 2018

 Pay Just $ 15.95/month to Avail Monthly Brand Package

Monthly branding package licence now comes in affordable price range. You can find all the features that other plan includes for a month and for this you have to pay just $ 15.95. 

 Snag Monthly Brand Licence For $ 18.95 without Branding

Purchase a monthly branded licence from whmcs for only $ 18.95 and by paying this minimum amount you can get their licence without brand name.

Getting Started With Whmcs

By checking out the above mentioned discounts and offers , you can be able to save something on your expenses. Now a days, whmcs is not offering any code based offer, any how we are still working hard to give you the best discounts. So, take benefit of the present offers.

Let’s dive in this article and discuss some essential information regarding the sign up process in detail.

 Choosing Whmcs Plan

Before starting up the process you have to choose a plan that suits you , Basically whmcs renders four plans: Monthly Branded, Monthly No Branding, One Time Branded, One Time No Branding. The difference between the branded and nobranding is their linkback, If you choose branded plan “Powered by WHMCS” will be added on your site,else in no branding there will be no linkback.

Monthly plan suits well for small growing business with minimum investment. Otherwise choose one time owned plan for better savings and as addition the clients with one time plan can get owned license and support for one year. To know more about the plans pricing and features look on the following pricing table:

Once you have chosen your plan simply click the “Order Now” button and follow the page. On that page you can see more add-ons, where selecting an add-on is based on your need. Each features has some additional cost so, choose the relevant one and for more information regarding add-ons and their pricing check below.The pricing is pretty decent compared to whmcs alternatives like Blesta, HostBill & Boxbilling.

Have a Promo Code? (No Promo Code Active for WHMCS )

Here you will see an overview of your selection and payment information as order summary.  On the bottom of the you will be asked for promo codes, if you have one then apply else check out above coupon section. Sometimes promo codes will not be available with offers at that time don’t worry your discount will be automatically added. Make sure that you have done all the process correctly and then click on “Checkout”.

Fill up your Personal Info

To move on further payment  process you have to provide your personal details and billing address and so, enter your name, email address and phone number on the personal section. Below that provide your billing address and for security purpose choose a password.

WHMCS Addons

Are you willing to spend money to earn more? In that case get some add-ons and you know more than hosting whmcs also lends add-ons and additional features for your business development.

 Project Management ($99.95 one time) – This add on better suits for an organized business management for tracking the work process, project discussions and like many.

 Mobile App ($2.99/month) –Just Integrate your whmcs with your mobile and get full time to compatible access to whmcs. This app is compatible for both iphone and android mobile.

 Licensing Addon ($99.95 one time)– Whmcs coupled with licencing add on will grant a strong, secure and flexible client management and billing system.

 Configurable Packages ($69.95 one time) – This service will be perfect for the one who need automatic setup and upgrades and it has an ability to customize the packages

 Live Chat & Visitor Tracking ($6.95/month) – This option ensure that your service is supportive by offering integrated chat and tracking solution.

WHMCS Reseller Program

Today most of the people’s aspect is to choose a hosting plan with WHMCS and even though an expert will go on to whmcs after deciding a plan.

Because of this whmcs has launched a reseller program in order to help the web hosting providers to grab more customers by reselling their licences.This package gives you every needed thing  to become a own hosting company. By becoming a reseller you can avail,

 A Branded new API

 WHMCS reseller module

 WHMCS authorized seller logos

 Reseller portal with license management

 Account Management

Turn in to a whmcs reseller and start making money, For more details regarding their offers, take a look on this below pricing table:

WHMCS Billing FAQs

Q: What are their billing options?

Basically whmcs offer their billing plan in two ways that is monthly and owned as a one time fee. It starting price is just $15.95 per month and to mknow more about pricing look on the above pricing table.

Q: Can I able to remove “powered by” link?

Definitely, whmcs offers an no branding license plan especially for you to remove the link and for this you have to pay some additional amount. For a monthly licence pay $3 and for owned license pay $ 45 as a single charge. We also recommend you to use the owned license for better savings.

Q: How to get whmcs support?

Once you have started using the whmcs you can use their free ticket based support or verify their documentation as they have most common queries with detailed answers.

Q: What are their  Payment methods?

Whmcs works for your convinence and hence it offers all the valid and secure payment methods like credit card ( vias, master card), paypal.

Q: How does the biling work on license?

In whmcs on the 6th of the each month you will be billed and for billing a invoice will be generated on your account

Q: How to apply for reseller program?

To become a  reseller, view whmcs reseller program and then start the process by simply clicking the sign up button and before sign up process please review their requirements fully.

Q: Am I elegible for selling license?

If you are a web host provider then of course you are fully eligible for this reseller program whereas this program is not allowed for general public or Standalone Company.

Q: How to find a whmcs licensed domain?

Whmcs itself offers a unique tool to identity the valid domain, On that simply provide the domain in the given box and then click “submit”. That tool will identify whether the domain is an authorized one or not. Ensure to report them if you find any unauthorized domain.

Q: Which server is best to use whmcs?

The server that supports both  PHP and MySQL can run whmcs without any trouble and still you got questions then kindly check on their system requirements.

Q: Can I use nulled whmcs themes ?

It is strongly warned for not to use nulled themes even you have original license from whmcs. The nulled script are hijacked by many hackers which may steal you and your clients data. You can check many whmcs themes and some good ones are still free and responsive.

Q: Can I use whmcs for multiple servers with single license?

No, whmcs with single license is allowed to install only on one directory of a domain using a unique ip address. Yet you can use its service to control customers form unlimited servers.

Q: Does whmcs supports existing website?

Certainly, you should know that whmcs is also a standalone portal that deals with customers directly. So, that you can link any of your website easily and using the integration is based on your need.

Q: How to check my order status?

Usually whmcs acts instantly to set up you order and some time there occurs delay if they found any error or doubt on your order. Mainly the order status has for types: Pending, Active, Fraud, Cancelled.

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