Best 5 WHMCS Alternatives for Hosting Billing 2021

Are you planning to start a hosting business and still have confusion about the services and features. Whether your business is small or big it is not a matter. For any business, you need the control panel to manage your customer billing and server integration.

Either for resell hosting or for lease colocation space you have to bill your customers. For this purpose many companies are there to help you for billing solution and automated invoice software.

Whmcs  – The King of Hosting Billing

WHMCS is the most famous web hosting billing and automation destination in the world. They provide everything you need to sell web hosting and other related services. This platform is well suited for small as well as medium size business. offers customizable requirements to generate invoices and billing features that are set up for Hosting, Cloud, VPS, SSL and Servers.

WHMCS Version 6 is the latest release of Billing and Automation system. It was in whmcs version 5, PHP 5.5 is not supported, whereas both PHP 5.5 and 5.6 is supporting in latest version 6. This upgraded version requires a new minimum system requirements of PHP version of 5.3.7 and PDO supporting.

The new version is designed to give what customers want to do like, which includes bug fixes and improvements:

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Contextual sidebars
  • Dynamic searching & pagination
  • Client Notifications
  • Localisation
  • Developer Friendly

The cost is still same which starts from $ 15.95.

WHMCS Alternatives

WHMCS has internal API and HOOK functions, which will helps you to tie custom code into specific events or actions. It controls everything from signup to termination in your control with very powerful automation tool. But still people need more or alternative or even open source billing software. Here you can find the substitute for WHMCS, like

  • Blesta
  • HostBill
  • BoxBilling
  • ClientExec
  • WHMautopilot
  • Nukren

Blesta – One of the Best WHMCS Alternatives

Blesta is the professional billing software platform for hosting providers, which has close matching with WHMCS in favor of features and functionality, but every system has its own pros and cons.  Jump and switch to Blesta and pick a free trial version during setup via downloading.

  • Client Management: You can manage nook and corner of the client profile in one place
  • Automated Billing:  many things are automated like backup, invoicing, payment processing or remainder and more.
  • Supporting System: They used ajax powered ticket system with clean and intuitive features, where you can open tickets by email via piping, POP or IMAP.

HostBill – Heart of Online Business

HostBill is one of the competitors of WHMCS that you have to try it because of its professional look and admin interface as great well. It is here to help you and automate your every services and make sure that the invoices are paid on correct time. This has 5 core components, where each has its unique set of features:

  • eCommerce Features
  • Automated Billing
  • Client Management
  • Hosting Automation
  • Domain Management

HostBill Vs WHMCS


  • Best for web hosting
  • Takes more days even months for net new release
  • Server Monitoring


  • Good for datacenters and dedicated server hosting
  • More updates than WHMCS about weekly or 2 week updates
  • Rack management & server Monitoring

BoxBilling- 100% Free & Open Source Platform

BoxBilling is equally flexible as WHMCS, but it laid out a little difference in its features. It is designed to be extended easily, where you can create your own custom extensions. Here the gives you all for free, but if you want pro version you can buy at the reasonable price. The paid version of this will permits you to do anything, that is there is no limit in everything.

ClientExec – Do More With Your Business

ClientExec is a Linux Oriented billing solution, which allows you to integrate many third parties. It includes all basic hosting features where you can manage your hosting business easily by setting autopilot with its automation services. All plans are offering with unlimited tickets, orders, products and clients.

Good Feature When Compared to WHMCS

  • Tight user support
  • Less bugs
  • Plans start from low price
  • Ease configuration
  • You can integrate billing system

ZBillingNet – Free Billing Solution

ZbillingNet is the unique place for who are all looking into billing solutions. It is not just a solution for webhosting and freelancer, it is a free ASP.Net MVC billing software. This will be the best option for licence management, client services, retainer billing and much more. The company has been promoting  free license, individual license for $ 9.90 and Saas Standard for $19.90 with free trial version.

TheHostingTool – Fully Compactable with Complete AJAX Order Form

TheHotingTool will provide you a complete automation on everything what you want to do it for your hosting application. This is 100% free and open source software under GNU-GPLv3. It is entirely compactable with cPanel, where it allows you to manage your account for frequent updates with a great support.


WHMautopilot is a platform for web host management system with rich features and benefits. Presently, they have been providing 2 types of license, but their last update is 4 years ago. So don’t prefer this one until it is updated, because its last version 3.2.83 was released before 3 years.


Nukern is a billing SaaS that automate client invoicing and whole thing of web hosting accounts. It is an elegant and intuitive billing solution in the cloud faster, scalable and more secure. They has two solution one is for admin and other one is for client. Try it with its 14 day trial version, don’t like means leave it.

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