Are you having lots of items or content to display in the website? Then, pagination plugins helps you to paginate the large amount of content to improve the readability. Without writing any code or spending your time about design, you can add a modern pagination to your website easily and quickly.

In this article, we are going to see the hand-picked collection of jQuery pagination plugins. Let’s have a look into some of the below listed jQuery based pagination plugins.

Twbs Pagination

It is a simple and easily customizable pagination plugin powered by jQuery and Bootstrap. This plugin allows you to page the large content for better readability. As of now, it supports the both Bootstrap 4 and 3 frameworks.

Listnav Pagination Plugin

Listnav is a plugin for creating an alphabetical navigation, which permits you to filter a list of DOM elements with numbers and alphabets.


Paginathing is a client-side plugin, which is simple but fully configurable one. This plugin is use to paginate any DOM elements. Moreover, it is compatible with twitter’s Bootstrap framework.


It is another pagination plugin, which will be very helpful to turn your basic content to multiple separate pages. This plugin is highly customizable and styleable through CSS to meet your needs.

Ajax Pagination Plugin

This is a simple and a cross-browse plugin that will be more useful to generate easy-to-style pagination links for your long web content. It allows mentioning the number of entries and pagination links to show per page.

Tabs Paginator Plugin

It is a very small plugin, which is widely used to create pagination controls to switch between tabbed content within your document.

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