What is the plan

jQAPI , the better way to browse the jQuery documentation, needs a revamp. A well deserved revamp. Running since 2010 it has attracted thousands jQuery developers.

I have a crowdfunding campaign running and hope to raise enough money to spend some time developing the new jQAPI instead of my daily web development work.

Please head over to the campaign for more details.

How you can help

Make a donation is not the only way you can help to bring the new jQAPI to live. A great help is to spread the word about the fundraiser.

I also appreciate any feedback you might have. What’s a perfect documentation browser for you? Please let me know in the comments!

9 Things to make jQAPI the best way to browse the jQuery Documentation

Rewrite from scratch

I released jQAPI nearly three years ago and did one major update after the first year. Ever since I just updated the documentation and fixed some bugs.

Two years later I have a better idea about that whole web development thing. With that better understanding I want to rewrite it from scratch for speed and usability.

Community Repository

I will create a more friendly setup to develop for jQAPI so maybe some people will jump on and help making it the best documentation browser out there. This project will of course be open-source and hosted at GitHub.

Syntax Highlighting

A long awaited feature. Syntax highlighting for the demos: JS, HTML and CSS.

Sandboxes to play around

You will be able to play around with the demos. Edit the code and see the live demo update. The quickest way to try out some code.

Better Search Bar

I plan to implement a improved search bar with fuzzy searching. So you really get what you are searching for, be it categories, selectors or methods.

Filter by jQuery Version

In the current state jQAPI only shows the documentation for the latest version of jQuery. In future you will be able to filter the methods & co. by the version when they were introduced.

Offline Mode

A loved feature about jQAPI is that you can download the whole package and browse it offline. With the new jQAPI you have the choice between downloading and the new HTML5 offline features. You don’t even need to download it! Just use the sync feature and browse to jqapi.com with a modern browser when offline.


Often you search for a method to find out how it’s invoked or what the callback arguments are, etc. With a nicely structured and searchable cheatsheet of jQuery on the first page of jQAPI your search time will maybe reduced even further.

Change the Favicon

Here is a fun fact: The Favicon of jQAPI is Chinese (I knew that) and can also mean ‘penis’ (didn’t knew that). Ever seen a penis-icon running for three years? Yes yes, time to change that :).

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