Making a jQuery Plugin Truly Customizable

After you have read A Plugin Development Pattern extend your knowledge about Plugin development with this tutorial. Learn good customization patterns via a fictional Plugin. How to add callbacks to your Plugin is described as well.

Preloading Images with jQuery and JavaScript

If you are working with images in your script you should really consider preloading them. In this short but smart tutorial you will learn how to develop a small Plugin with dynamic arguments.

Macros in jQuery

If you want to produce good code you must be familar with the DRY principle. James Padolsey shows in this tutorial how to DRY some code with his Macro Plugin . Good read and awesome technique.

Codename Pufferfish

Dragon Interactive made the fading navigation very popular. In this article they describe in detail how they achieved this effect with tips to avoid common pitfalls.

Advanced Event Timeline With PHP, CSS & jQuery

Learn from scratch how to create a nice jQuery powered horizontal timeline. Make sure to downsize your browser window to see the horizontal scrollbar in action .



Need a rich text editor in your web app? This one is awesome and based on jQuery. It has every feature you would expect from a WYSIWYG editor. The controls only appears when you are in the textbox which makes it very slick. You can switch between rich editing and code editing.

Roundabout for jQuery

If you are tired of the common image and content sliding this Plugin might be for you! With it fun examples and good documentation you can offer your visitors very interesting sliding almost instantly.

jQuery Plugin – Feature List

“I love the simplicity of using (and more important re-using) jQuery plugins.” We too! And this very slim Featured Plugin is very usable because it only provides the functionality. Styling the output via CSS is all yours. If you ask me, I like it my way!


Strange name but the Plugin when it comes to translation. It makes usage of the Google Language API and you are able to translate to over 30 languages on the fly, jQuery style.

jQuery Browser Plugin

The jQuery documentation does recommend not to use the Utility jQuery.browser . Instead you should use this Plugin with over 300 tested browsers !

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